Good News

Jesus Christ speaks to our hopes and dreams. Do we hope for good things to happen? Or, do we always expect the worst? Some hope to have enough to take care of our needs. Others dream of freedom from addictive behaviors, abusive relationships, or toxic employers. We all seek clarity and vision to achieve our relationship, employment, spiritual, physical, and emotional goals. 

In Luke’s Gospel, we read that Jesus boldly proclaimed that he had fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 61. This prophecy is full of powerful promises that brought hope to generations of God’s people. The hope is awakened in a new and powerful way as Jesus says, “Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.”

There are those who are poor and then there are those who are trapped in a mindset of poverty. The poverty mindset crushes hopes and maintains the promise that nothing will bring satisfaction, peace, or prosperity. It traps one into believing that evil will prevail and darkness will overcome the light. Jesus proclaimed victory over this mindset.

You, who have no hope, look to He who has been anointed by God “to bring good news…release…(freedom)…and favor.”

Good news is proclaimed to those who lack joy, peace, and comfort. The good news is that Jesus Christ embodies all of these qualities. Release is proclaimed to those who are bound. For freedom is found in full submission to the love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. Clarity and vision are promised to those who follow the Light and know Him by name. Favor follows those who know they are redeemed and who live in the faith of that promise. 

May you hear, believe, and receive that promise today.

Pastor Don

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