It is natural for us to remember our friends in particular ways. We have a tendency to expect them and our relationships to remain the same through the years. The truth is people change. They grow and develop in ways we cannot understand because we have lost touch. We lost the connection we once had. So, when we encounter them again, our friends are different people and so are we.

As we develop new relationships, we learn and grow together through the connections we make. It is with new relationships that we develop families, friendships, and successful business relationships. Most relationships weaken with time and distance because the connection is lost.  

When Jesus returned to his hometown in Luke 4, he was confronted by those who wanted him to perform the miracles he did elsewhere. They wanted him to be as powerful and effective among them as they heard he was elsewhere. So, what happened? Their lack of connection blocked their faith. Their expectations were locked in the past. They did not grow and develop with Jesus because they did not remain connected to Him.

Many of us grew up in the church, or have been Christians for many years. The problem is that many have lost their connection with the One who saved them. Some have forgotten that relationships must be cultivated and maintained for them to continue and grow.

Scripture refers to the Christian life as a walk and as a race. Christianity requires movement and progression. Christianity requires connection. To grow in Christ, we cannot go back to what we were, nor remain as we are. To effectively proclaim the Word requires faith, passion, and perseverance. We connect our faith with God in the ways we serve in our church, community, and world.

May our connection with God grow stronger through Jesus Christ as we continue to seek new ways to grow, proclaim, and serve.

Pastor Don.

Scripture Reference: Luke 4:22-30

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