Jesus’ Nature

In John chapter 2, we read the story of the wedding in Cana at which Jesus turned water into wine. That is wonderful in itself, but this story is so full of great details. When the wedding party ran out of wine, Jesus’ mother takes the problem to him. 

Of course, Mary knew Jesus had the power to perform such miracles. The question is, why did she bring this need to Jesus? She must have cared enough to do whatever it took so the couple would not be humiliated. Another important point is that she was bold enough to take this need to Jesus with the assumption that he would take care of it. 

In this seemingly small-scale miracle, Jesus’ responsiveness and care to both his mother and to the wedding party are evident. Not only does Jesus do as his mother asks, but he has the servants fill all of the water jars. The last dynamic to this great miracle is that the wine that Jesus created was superior to the wine that ran out.

At the end of the story, the writer says that Jesus’ glory was revealed. Yet, this story reveals so much more. 

  1. Jesus listens.
  2. Jesus cares about keeping people’s honor.
  3. Jesus supplies with abundance and excellence.

There is beauty in the human interaction between Jesus and his mother, Mary. She asked and Jesus kind of blew her off. Mary’s response was an assumption that Jesus would do what she asked, which, of course, he did.

There is beauty in the protection of the wedding party’s honor as well. Nobody gets embarrassed in Jesus’ presence! No friend of Jesus is going to be ashamed nor go without. 

There is beauty in knowing that Jesus not only has the power to provide, he also has the desire. That which Jesus provides is both abundant and excellent. Yes, Jesus’ glory was revealed in this first recorded miracle at the beginning of his public ministry, but we also see Jesus’ respect for his mother, his respect and care for others, and his willingness and ability to provide with both abundance and excellence. 

Pastor Don

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