Last week, we celebrated the epiphany. In Matthew 2:1-12, we hear the story of how the birth of the new King, Jesus Christ, was revealed to the magi. Their response to the revelation is drastic and significant. They left their homes and brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the place of his birth. 

In their moment of revelation and realization, everything changed. In one moment, the magi are looking to the stars for answers and in the next, the answer to all their questions, the fulfillment of prophetic prophecy is revealed; a star that would lead the magi to the place of the Messiah’s birth. 

A couple of things stand out for me in this story. First, the magi had to be looking for answers for them to find the star. Second, when the answer was revealed, they responded decisively and sacrificially. It was their receptivity to the epiphany which made it possible. It was their response that proved their faith in Jesus Christ as King.

As we enter a new year, think about where you are turning for answers to life’s problems. Are you reaching out to God for direction? Or, does your trust lie only on yourself and on what is around you?

Epiphany awaits those who search with a receptive and willing heart. Our response is just as important as the revelation. Our response proves our faith in what has been revealed. If you have yet to realize Jesus Christ as your King, Savior, and Lord, I invite you to open your heart with expectation. You have looked within, around, and below. Now, it is time to look up and realize His star shines for you. Then, respond by giving yourself fully to the King of glory.

Your epiphany awaits.

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