Words and Actions

People express and perceive love in different ways. In Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, he says the five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, gift-giving, physical touch, and quality time. Chapman explains how important it is that we know our own love language and that of others to help us relate to each other better. 

John 14:23-29 highlight two of the love languages; words of affirmation and acts of service. Jesus proclaims his words of affirmation to the disciples and promises that his love will continue to be affirmed to them and us through the Holy Spirit. So, why is there so much anger, fear, and violence in our world? Why is there so much division? Because we have forgotten how to love. We became too focused on that which we have lost and so, forgot how to listen, serve, give, reach out, and spend time with one other.

When we remember God is love, we are driven to positive action. While shame drives us farther from God’s presence, God’s grace and love pull us inward and we are moved to perform acts of service. Just like we serve one another because of love, we serve God because of our love for God.

So, I encourage you to listen to God’s voice, rather than that of your own or that of others. When we hear God’s voice, we hear God’s words of peace and love which inspire us to be sanctified and holy for the glory of God.

Pastor Don.

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