This week, we lit the candle of joy on our Advent Wreath. Have we lit the flame of joy in our hearts?

Advent takes us on a journey of discovery of hope, love, and peace that brings us everlasting joy.

As we wait with expectation for Christmas and revisit the stories of Jesus’ birth, we are reminded of the joy of the season and the joy Jesus Christ brings to our lives.

Our decorations brighten dull walls. We celebrate with living plants and trees and they remind us of the new life we share in Christ. 

We add light and remember the darkness that once was. Jesus Christ brought the light of joy into our lives.

In this season, we have the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the coming One.

We listen to the stories, sermons, devotionals, and music, and our hearts are filled with joy.

John 1:6-8 says that John the Baptist was not the light but that he “came to testify to the light.” John came to spread the good news and to help prepare the way.

So, in this season, may the joy we find in Jesus Christ take us beyond the decorations of leaves, trees, and garland. May the joy of the Lord prepare the way to decorate and brighten our souls. May the joy of the Lord cause us to respond with hope, peace, and love for God and others.

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