When I lived up north, I knew each winter would bring unwelcome change. I knew I had to get myself ready for what was yet to come. All too soon, the days would turn colder, the darkness would come sooner, and the snow would begin to fall. What was worse, was the knowledge that the snow would cover the world around me until April or May.  

We are so fortunate to live in one of the southern states where we can look forward to experiencing all four seasons. Near the end of summer, we feel the first cool breezes and we know that fall is coming. Then, we see the leaves change color and we know cooler weather is headed our way. 

By the end of summer, we look forward to cooler weather. By the end of winter, we look forward to spring flowers and milder climates. 

Last Sunday, we talked about preparing for the end of all things. We see increasing signs that Jesus Christ is coming soon! We also know how very short and fleeting our lives are. Whether it’s the signs around us, or merely our awareness of the brevity of life, we look forward to a glorious homecoming! We look forward with great anticipation to the advent of the King. We also look forward to the time when we will all be in the presence of God in our heavenly home. 

May this hope bring you joy and excitement as we approach the season of Advent.

Pastor Don.

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